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September 2013: Tips, eNews & More!
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Back to School!

Believe it or not, the first day of autumn is quickly approaching. Autumn is a wonderful season which offers many outdoor and indoor activities to keep you active. It also means the kids are back in school!

Are You in Autumn Mode?

Perhaps it's the shorter days or maybe the self-imposed routine, but everyone seems to be on a mission to get... somewhere. For many of us, autumn feels more demanding than summer. Real or imagined, the added pressure can contribute to stress. While the immediate links may not be obvious, stress and oral health are related. Stress has been linked to bruxism (grinding and clenching), canker sores and even gum disease.

Relax. Breathe. Start your day off with breakfast. Think positively about the day while you brush your teeth and floss in the morning. These two to five minutes can help you to reduce stress as well as ward off some of the effects of stress on your oral health.

Time for Your Cleaning

Is it time for a cleaning or to have unfinished dental work completed?
If your dental benefits are based on the calendar year, your maximums may not roll over into the New Year. Our calendar fills up quickly this time of year, so we encourage you to call today if you need an appointment before the New Year.

Have a safe and healthy month,

Dr. Jordan Benedict and Team

What's New!

Port Hope Medical Centre Appreciation Day

Dr. Jordan Benedict sponsored the Face Painting at the Port Hope Pharmacy’s Customer Appreciation Day on August 29, 2013. Randi-lee, Berni and Melanie wowed the kids with their face painting skills. A great time was had by the whole team and we can’t wait until next year’s event! Click here to see photos.







Help Us Help Others

The holiday season is just around the corner and our team is holding a food drive in support of our local food bank. We are pleased to be collecting non-perishable foods, canned goods, and unopened toys between October 1st and December 13th, 2013.

Family Wellness Day

Check out this video from our day at the Family Wellness Day Expo Spring 2013 at the Cobourg Community Centre and see Laura, one of our hygienists teach proper brushing techniques. Stay tuned for our October 2013 newsletter for some exciting hygiene tips from our hygiene team, Laura and Hayley.

Zoom! Whitening is now available at Dr. Benedict's Port Hope Dental Office

This in-office procedure is safe, effective and fast. Zoom! Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for a brighter, whiter smile and immediate results in just one office visit.

Click here for more information.

We recommend that you get your teeth cleaned before getting the whitening done for best results. To request an appointment, click here. To see results in our smile gallery, click here!

Sports Mouthguard Clinic

Our 7th Annual Sports Mouthguard Clinic got SNAP’d!

Click here for the link.

Dr. Jordan Benedict is pleased to present the donation to Julia Snoek, Program Coordinator, Municipality of Port Hope, accepting on behalf of KidSport Northumberland.

Thanks again to all that participated in our annual sports mouthguard clinic, ensuring more Northumberland kids will get to stay active and healthy!

New Patients Welcome!


If you know of someone who would benefit from our dental services, please let us know.

We truly appreciate your confidence and your referrals!

Apple Crisp


Looking to make a yummy fall treat? Try creating an apple crisp! It's a flavourful dessert that tastes great, especially when topped with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

Click here for the recipe. Let us know what you think.

If you have a favourite recipe and you would like to see it featured in a future newsletter, we invite you to submit your recipe to