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January 2018

Port Hope Holiday Potluck

To wrap up 2017, we celebrated with our annual holiday potluck on December 7th. All the food was delicious (we have some great chefs in the office) but the company and conversation was even better! Cheers to 2017 and we look forward to 2018!

Click here to see more photos of our holiday feast!

Port Hope Food Drive a Success

Dr. Benedict and his team celebrated the end of another successful food drive this year. Between November 1 and December 14th, we asked for food and toy donations and the response was amazing! William (above) from Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank was grateful for the donations. We'd like to thank Steve from Metro for donating $50! Click here to see a picture.

Thank you to everyone who gave generously for helping to brighten local families' holidays.

Port Hope Dental is offering $100 off on your choice of in-office or take-home whitening.
This offer is valid until Jan 31st, so hurry in to take advantage of the savings!

We recommend that you get your teeth cleaned before getting the whitening done for best results. To request an appointment, click here. To see results in our smile gallery, click here!

Are You Afraid of the Dentist? Russian Mushroom and Potato Soup

As comfortable as we try to make our patients there are always those that just fear the dental chair.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry ensures that you have the most comfortable dental visit possible. When you visit our office, you will be given a small pill to help you relax throughout your entire dental appointment. While you are not technically asleep, patients often describe the experience as seeming sleep like. You'll barely remember coming to your appointment; the only proof that you'll have that you were there, will be your beautiful smile.

Click here to find out if sedation dentistry may be right for you!


Nothing beats the comfort of a warm and filling bowl of soup on a cold, snowy day. Here's a simple and delicious comfort soup recipe for you and your family to enjoy.

Click here for the full recipe.


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